Postnatal Doula

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As a postnatal doula, I 'mother the mother' so she is able to mother her baby. The meaning of 'doula' pronounced 'doola' is Greek for 'woman's servant'. This means when my time is complete, the mother is confident to look after her baby, her own wellbeing and any other family members.

This service can be for first-time mothers or when subsequent babies are born into the family and an extra set of hands are needed - see different packages below.

"Janet came to help me look after my new born baby post c-section. I would so look forward to hearing Janet arrive at the house as she has a very calm, quietly confident and kind manner.  She gave me the physical and emotional support that is so important in the early days.  Not only is she a fountain of knowledge on all mother and baby areas she was also brilliant with my three year old too. She is like the pied piper with children and Janet would collect him from preschool for me and ensure he felt just as special as his new baby brother. Post c-section I could not run and play outside and Janet would always make time to play with him outside, go on the trampoline and spend hours playing tractors! 
Nothing was ever too much trouble for Janet (trivial or big tasks) and she would always ensure my 3 year old was fed, children bathed, supper for my husband and I was sorted and the house was tidy before going home. It was invaluable to have her help, care and wisdom for the first few weeks whilst I found my feet post c-section and juggling two little ones at home.  Janet fitted into our household so easily and I always enjoyed her company, our chats and her perspective on all areas of family life.
My only regret is that new borns do not stay new borns forever and so Janet could not stay indefinitely! "



"I've known Janet through her pregnancy yoga classes and the NCT classes my husband and I had prior to the birth of our daughter. 

We were both struck with how personable and calming Janet is so when she said she’s also a doula we were very keen to have her presence and support in our house after the birth. 

As it was our first baby and I had a C-Section planned, we thought having her available to answer questions and help us look after the baby and the house was going to be useful. She proved herself to be invaluable and I am so thrilled we had her help! 

Janet was so understanding of our circumstances and made herself available based on our schedule. Once I contacted her at 3am to ask her to visit us in the morning and she did!!! In such a hard time it felt great that someone cared so much. She was there for me to listen to my complaints about breastfeeding, but also helped with practical tasks like giving my daughter her first bath. She also ensured the house was in order and that we had food to eat every time she visited us.

Around the house Janet took the initiative with the cleaning and tidying up when she visited. She knew what needed to be done which is a great help when you’re sleep deprived and struggling in the first few weeks. Most of all the fact we felt we could trust her in our home with our new daughter is really testament to who she is. 

She’s highly recommended and if I ever have another baby I'll be definitely going back for more help :)"

Thomas Family

My aim is

  • to integrate within the family to allow the transition of becoming new parents, or second, third or fourth time parents, to happen as smoothly as possible. I will provide support and information to enable you to feel a more confident parent.

  • to give reassurance on everyday babycare tasks; bathing, topping and tailing, using baby-wearing slings, prams/moses baskets, putting your baby/babies to sleep.

  • to support your feeding choice for your baby/babies and provide any extra information.

I can

  • look after your baby/babies while you have a sleep, a shower or bath, time with an older sibling or simply time for yourself.

  • do light housework e.g. laundry, tidy up, hoovering or washing up.

  • take the dog for a walk, accompany you and your baby/babies to any postnatal appointments or take siblings to nursery or the park.

  • ensure that you are eating healthily throughout the day helping your body to recover from pregnancy.

And lastly

  • I love cooking so I can provide freezer meals prior to having your baby and/or cook a nutritious supper for you and your partner each day.  

Should you have a caesarean birth I am able to support you in all the above areas and also help with the recovery of your operation.

I am happy to listen to your birth story to help you debrief about your experience and your partners experience.

I am flexible with my times as I know that every baby is different, so knowing what kind of support and how much support you need before your baby is born is hard to predict. I meet with you before your baby is born and we provisionally book dates in the diary .

Once only


3 hours

I come into your home and reassure you on babycare tasks and support your feeding choice for you baby and provide extra information if required.

Regular help

£23 per hour

(minimum 3 hours)

I can do 1 session a week or up to 5 sessions a week working on a flexible basis (weaning away from me as you become more confident).

This usually lasts from 4 weeks up to 3 months.

Freezer Meals


We meet and discuss what foods you like to eat, decide on a menu of dishes to be cooked from my home and delivered to you frozen for you freezer.

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