Baby Massage Course

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Newborn Baby Foot

"The baby massage was one of the first classes that my little one took.  I was a little nervous ahead of  time, but Abby really enjoyed it and it was a great way for me to meet other mums simultaneously.
Janet was so patient, kind and exactly what I hoped for in a teacher! I cannot recommend her classes enough. We hope to join her for some mum and baby yoga classes soon!"   Kate & Abby

"This course was such a lovely thing to learn and do with my baby, the sessions were relaxed and friendly. Janet taught everything at a good pace for everyone, covering any questions as they arose and making sure everyone understood the benefits of each technique. On top of this, she included rhymes and songs to make the session enjoyable for the babies and keep their interest. The way that you learn to build up to a full body massage was great and gently get the babies used to the process. It is amazing to have another tool to use for the bonding and relaxing with my baby and has definitely helped to settle her to sleep." Emma & E


in Easton Village Hall

or via Zoom

in the comfort of your own home

Please ask for more information for dates and times

Benefits of baby massage:

  • a lovely way to bond with your baby

  • learn massage strokes to help calm and soothe your baby

  • builds confidence looking after your baby

  • can help a baby to sleep

  • can help to reduce trapped wind problems

The course is over 5 weeks building on the sequence each week and it is a great way to meet other parents. Mothers, fathers or grandparents can attend the course with your baby. You will need some massage oil, lotion or cream which you have already tried on your baby's skin and towel for your baby to lie on.


Cost £50 for 5 week course

If you have a group of friends e.g. an antenatal group I can run a course adapting times, dates and location to suit you all. Please get in touch and we can talk about your requirements. 


I look forward to hearing from you.

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