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Support for you as your family starts to grow


Understanding your baby's sleep pattern, how your baby grows & develops in the first year

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I have now returned to Easton Village Hall for my yoga classes & baby massage courses

These classes are also on Zoom

"Amidst the confusing messaging on social distancing, Janet was quick to act and ask the group how we would like to proceed with sessions. Desperate for these crucial sessions to continue and be a little slice of normality in this turbulent time we were relieved that she was able to set herself up online so quickly for us and we actually didn't miss a week of our much-needed group. The online sessions have been fantastic at keeping me sane and my baby enjoys Janet's familiar voice and seems to know the drill as if we are at the village hall still. It's easy to entertain her at home with all her toys and mat, leave her sleeping if she is napping and/or feed when she needs. I feel this works seamlessly and Janet has even managed ways to make us feel more connected by running the introductions as she would normally, along with a group chat and breakout sessions.

 If anyone is struggling in feeling disconnected from other mums, like its groundhog day again and needs a way to switch off the whirring brain for an hour or so then I would definitely recommend joining us as just sometimes knowing you are not the only one going through "insert whatever recent baby-related issue here" is enough to help! :-) "  Emma & E

IN PERSON & via Zoom

Every Wednesday


"Janet makes you feel at ease from the very first session and  adapts the poses to suit all abilities and ailments! I would definitely recommend Janet's pregnancy yoga group"  Laura

"I found through Janet’s approach to running these classes which included relaxation, yoga, preparation for birth and opportunities to talk every week I was able to stay so much calmer and relaxed during pregnancy and feel more prepared for giving birth."   Vashti

"The classes include practice contractions and breathing which in the end were instrumental to my successful home birth."   Jenna

IN PERSON & via Zoom

Every Wednesday

10.30-12 NOON

"Janet creates a warm, welcoming and calm space for mother and baby yoga. I wondered in the beginning how it would work with baby in tow but was surprised how much I got out of the classes; I always leave feeling positive and relaxed. I especially appreciate the poems, affirmations and visitations at the beginning and the biscuit at the end! We look forward to it every week."

Suzi & Hazel

The yoga itself is relaxing, invigorating and helps me keep in touch with how my body is recovering from birth. Highly recommend!   Jenna & Margaret

In the last month since Coronavirus, Janet has really kindly continued to run classes remotely and they have been a lifeline for me in this really hard and difficult time. I honestly can’t recommend Janet’s classes enough.   Vashti & Eloise

IN PERSON & via Zoom
Please email for further details
"Janet is a fabulous course leader and creates a very relaxed atmosphere. I liked how we did each section at a time to build up to the whole sequence." Anon

"Janet was so patient, kind and exactly what I hoped for in a teacher! I cannot

recommend her classes enough."   Kate & Abby

Do you need support  and an extra set of hands during the initial few weeks of having your baby? 


"Janet came to help me look after my new born baby post c-section. I would so look forward to hearing Janet arrive at the house as she has a very calm, quietly confident and kind manner.  She gave me the physical and emotional support that is so important in the early days."


"As it was our first baby and I had a C-Section planned, we thought having her available to answer questions and help us look after the baby and the house was going to be useful. She proved herself to be invaluable and I am so thrilled we had her help! "

Thomas Family

NCT ANTENATAL CLASSES - I also work with the NCT running Antenatal classes in the Winchester and Alton area please see www.nct.org.uk/courses-workshops/nct-live-online-antenatal-course

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