Yoga for Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Yoga

"I started going to Janet’s pregnancy yoga classes when I was about sixteen weeks pregnant. I found through Janet’s approach to running these classes which included relaxation, yoga, preparation for birth and opportunities to talk every week I was able to stay so much calmer and relaxed during pregnancy and feel more prepared for giving birth. The way Janet runs the class is really relaxed, welcoming and inclusive and I’ve met some amazing friends as a result. By combining yoga and relaxation with advice around pregnancy and birth from her years of experience, Janet offers something really unique."   Vashti

Either IN PERSON in Easton Village Hall

or via ZOOM

in the comfort of your own home

Every Wednesday


£10 per class

"Janet's class is relaxing and enjoyable but I also picked up many confident birthing techniques. The classes include practice contractions and breathing which in the end were instrumental to my successful home birth. Some of the women I met at the class have now become firm friends as we share motherhood!"   Jenna

"I found pregnancy yoga offered so many benefits throughout pregnancy. It was perfect for meeting other mums-to-be, having some much needed relaxation, and practising some great visualisations and breathing techniques which were so helpful during labour! Janet makes you feel at ease from the very first session and  adapts the poses to suit all abilities and ailments! I would definitely recommend Janet's pregnancy yoga group :)"    Laura

Yoga for Pregnancy is suitable for women who are 12 weeks pregnant onwards. You do NOT need to have practiced yoga before to gain the benefits of yoga for pregnancy.

Yoga for Pregnancy helps to :-

  • reduce aches and pains

  • improve quality of sleep

  • improve your posture and body awareness

  • develop bonding with your unborn baby

  • increase your confidence leading up to the birth

  • provides coping strategies to help with labour 

  • strengthens joints and muscles

  • increased flexibility and improves blood circulation

  • helps to reduce swelling from fluid retention

I am an experienced NCT antenatal teacher and I am passionate about enabling women to have to a positive experience of pregnancy and birth.

During each session we focus on breathing techniques, stretches and relaxations. The yoga poses - asanas - are adapted to be suitable for the different stages of pregnancy and individual needs. The aim is for you to have an enjoyable and relaxing time, whilst improving your physical and emotional wellbeing and helping you feel more confident and positive about birth.

For those who are already mothers, the class allows time for you to concentrate on your new baby whilst having time in your busy schedule to relax and focus on the forthcoming birth.

For first time mothers, it is the perfect opportunity to meet others, ask questions and develop your knowledge on pregnancy and birth as well as allowing time to relax and do gentle exercise.

Each session is 1.5 hours long giving time for asanas, a relaxation and ending with time to talk with others in the group or ask me any questions.

All you need is a yoga mat/towel, cushion/pillow or yoga block and a blanket to put over yourself during the relaxation. If on Zoom a device with Zoom downloaded so I am able to see you during the yoga session and a safe place where you can practice your yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Please get in touch below for more information or if you would like to attend a class.

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