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Janet creates a warm, welcoming and calm space for mother and baby yoga. I wondered in the beginning how it would work with baby in tow but was surprised how much I got out of the classes; I always leave feeling positive and relaxed. I especially appreciate the poems, affirmations and visitations at the beginning and the biscuit at the end! We look forward to it every week.   Suzi & Hazel

Either IN PERSON or on ZOOM in the comfort of your own home
EVERY  WEDNESDAY 10.30-12 in Easton Village Hall
NEW CLASS on Wednesday afternoon 2-3pm
£8 per class 

"It is such a pleasure to attend Janet's yoga class each week with my baby. Not only is this fun for me and my baby, we also learn new ways to interact; I pick up tips on amusing my baby and furthering her development. The relaxed and supportive atmosphere of the classes allows new mums to share our experience and watch our babies grow together. The yoga itself is relaxing, invigorating and helps me keep in touch with how my body is recovering from birth. Highly recommend!"   Jenna & Margaret

I now attend Janet’s mother and baby classes following the birth of my daughter and it’s been such a lovely supportive and calm yet fun place to spend a morning every week with other mums and babies. In the last month since Coronavirus, Janet has really kindly continued to run classes remotely and they have been a lifeline for me in this really hard and difficult time. I honestly can’t recommend Janet’s classes enough.

Thank you so much Janet for supporting me through my journey into motherhood - your classes made such a difference.

Vashti & Eloise


Mother and Baby Yoga classes are suitable for you and your baby to attend from six weeks after birth. I suggest you have had your six/eight week check from your GP, and been given permission to restart exercising before attending classes although I am happy to guide you.

Benefits of Mother and Baby Yoga:

  • Strengthening and toning your muscles, especially abdominals, pelvic floor and back.

  • Encouraging you and your baby to find time and space for relaxation.

  • Using the breath to increase calm and confidence.

  • Improving your sleep.

  • Promoting understanding of your baby's development.

  • Engaging and bonding with your baby.

Babies can join in and experience some yoga especially for them to:

  • Encourage their reflexes to develop.

  • Enhance their motor development.

  • Increase their awareness of their surroundings.

  • Calm and relax them, helping them to sleep better.

Each class gives time for a relaxation, asanas/poses for the mother, stretches and singing songs for your baby and ending with small group discussions allowing you time to get to know other mums in the group.

You will need a yoga mat or similar, a cushion or yoga block and a safe area in your home to practice yoga. Your baby will need a blanket/play-mat to lie on, some toys/rattles to be amused with and the usual items to change your baby if required.

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